In Depth: Refugee

29 Nov 2017
26 Jun 2017
16 Jun 2017
12 Jun 2017

Poland May Hold Referendum on Refugees

New Europe. Belgium. 11:40 AM EDT
31 May 2017

The Abdication of Responsibility in Refugee Rescues

Wilson Center. United States. 03:29 PM EDT
5 May 2017

ANALYSIS. EU Seeks to Ward Off New Refugee Crisis

Der Spiegel. Germany. 11:42 AM EDT
14 Sep 2016

Terrorism and Immigration: A Risk Analysis

CATO Institute. Washington DC. 04:37 PM EDT
8 Sep 2016

UNHCR: 100,000 Afghan Refugees Return From Pakistan

The News. Pakistan. 02:54 PM EDT
14 Jun 2016
7 Jun 2016

Turkey Fails to Finalize Migrant Swap Deal with EU

EUobserver. Belgium. 11:52 AM EDT
3 Jun 2016
26 May 2016
24 May 2016
15 Jan 2016

Asylum-Seekers Learning About Danish Sexual Mores

The Copenhagen Post. Denmark. 10:33 AM EST

Finns Want Fewer Refugees

Deutsch Welle. Germany. 10:16 AM EST

OPINION. What Central Europe Got Right About the Refugee Crisis

Ondrei Houska. EU Observer. Belgium. 10:41 AM EST
8 Dec 2015

ANALYSIS. The Refugee Crisis in Pakistan

The Express Tribune. Pakistan. 03:01 PM EST
16 Nov 2015

OPINION. Obama’s Stubborn, Willful Complacency on Terror

Marc A. Thiessen. The Washington Post. 12:22 PM EST
14 Oct 2015
13 Oct 2015

Some Migrants Deported to Central America Killed on Arrival, Investigation Finds

Latin America News Dispatch. United States. 11:00 AM EDT
3 Sep 2015
24 Jun 2015

OPINION. Life on the Run in South Sudan

Daniel Littlejohn-Carillo. Al Jazeera. 10:10 AM EDT
18 Jun 2015

Pakistan Among World's Top Hosts for Refugees: Report

The Express Tribune. Pakistan. 01:23 PM EDT
1 Jun 2015
11 Mar 2015
21 Jan 2015

12 People Injured in Tel Aviv Stabbing Attack

Ma'an News Agency. Palestine. 09:33 AM EST
30 Dec 2014

UN WFP to Resume Full Food Rations to Kenya Refugees

Daily Nation. Kenya. 11:17 AM EST
1 Dec 2014
26 Nov 2014
17 Nov 2014
26 Feb 2014

Isle of Light: A Look Back at the Boat People and the European Left

After the fall of South Vietnam, Paris’s antiwar left mobilized to condemn and partially remedy atrocities committed by the communist victors whose cause some had even championed.
3 Dec 2013
2 Dec 2013
19 Nov 2013

Turkey and Syrian Refugees: The Limits of Hospitality

Brookings Institution. United States. 01:58 PM EST
7 Nov 2013
31 Oct 2013

Under the Radar: Internally Displaced Persons in Non-Camp Settings

Brookings Institution. United States. 01:33 PM EDT
28 Oct 2013

The UN and Israel: A History of Discrimination

Some 120 non-aligned nations have used their UN clout to stigmatize and isolate Israel since the 1970s. Their hostility continues to threaten both the UN process and the Jewish state.
23 Oct 2013
22 Oct 2013
18 Oct 2013

Asylum Seekers on Hunger Strike in Berlin

With thousands of asylum applications pending in Germany, some increasingly desperate asylum-seekers have launched a hunger strike.