In Depth: Revolution

3 Oct 2016

OPINION. How Time Affects Revolution

Alirio Perez Lo Presti. El Universal. Venezuela. 12:12 PM EDT
16 Mar 2015

‘It Was the Future’: Syrian Refugees Remember the Revolution

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 10:47 AM EDT
2 Mar 2015

Syrian Opposition groups Reject Aleppo Freeze

Al Akhbar. Lebanon. 10:57 AM EST
26 Jan 2015

The Libya Conundrum

Atlantic Council. United States. 01:02 PM EST

Egypt Officials: Release of Mubarak Sons Delayed

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:49 AM EST

15 Killed as Clashes Mar Egypt Revolt Anniversary

Times LIVE. South Africa. 11:46 AM EST
23 Dec 2014
19 Dec 2014

OPINION. Essential Reading on the EuroMaidan Revolution

Danielle Craig. Kyiv Post. 11:18 AM EST
10 Dec 2014

ANALYSIS. Revolution a Distant Memory as Egypt Escalates Repression

Orla Guerin. Africa Review. Kenya. 11:37 AM EST
2 Dec 2014
21 Nov 2014

OPINION. Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine

Bernd Johann. Deutsche Welle. Germany. 10:55 AM EST

Putin: Russia Should Prevent ‘Color Revolutions’

Sofia News Agency. Bulgaria. 10:53 AM EST
3 Dec 2013
27 Sep 2013

Car Bomb Kills at Least 30 in Syria

Khaleej Times. United Arab Emirates. 10:38 AM EDT
26 Sep 2013

ANALYSIS. Iran's Shadow Commander

YaLibnan. Lebanon. 10:23 AM EDT
17 Sep 2013
30 Aug 2013

Tensions in Tehran: Iran’s Mullahs vs. the Revolutionary Guards

Iran’s presidential elections sometimes look democratic but they’re best understood as a mafia-style competition between the regime’s most powerful blocs, the mullahs and the Revolutionary Guards.

Mexochism: Mexico Is Likely to Disappoint, Again

Unlike much of Latin America, which has experienced impressive growth in recent years, Mexico has floundered, due mostly to one-party dominance by the PRI, even while it was briefly out of power.
26 Aug 2013

Revitalizing Taiwan's Economy

Taiwan’s manufacturing-based economy is slumping. President Ma says the country needs to innovate, but the region’s conformity-prone culture is a major obstacle.
19 Aug 2013

OPINION. Is a Vatican Revolution Brewing?

Damon Linker. New Republic. United States. 03:45 PM EDT
16 Aug 2013

A Coup or a Revolution: The Egyptian Political and Legal Debacle

Al Jazeera Center for Studies. Qatar. 09:00 AM EDT
1 Aug 2013

Is Morocco the Model for Arab Democracy?

Michael J. Totten's blog I have another long essay in the current issue of The Tower magazine, this one about Morocco. I briefly cover a few things at the beginning that I’ve covered here at length, so I’m going to post an excerpt from the middle ...

Syria's 'Capital of the Revolution' Pulverized By War

The Sydney Morning Herald. 11:03 AM EDT
30 Jul 2013

Brazil's Post-Papal Test

After a triumphal visit by Pope Francis, Brazil now returns to its days of protest. The country’s ruling party is suffering in the polls and fighting a corruption scandal. The streets are watching.
26 Jul 2013

Cuba Marks 60th Anniversary of Revolution's Start

The Associated Press. 11:03 AM EDT
23 Jul 2013

OPINION. What Italy Needs is a Revolution

Philip Stephens. Gulf News. United Arab Emirates. 03:29 PM EDT

'Anti-Imperialist' Latin America Challenges US on Snowden?

In certain Latin American countries, the dual traditions of political asylum and demonizing US meddling could make serious trouble for Washington as it pursues Edward Snowden.
16 Jul 2013

Fault Lines of the Revolution: Political Actors, Camps, and Conflicts in the New Libya

German Institute for International and Security Affairs. 02:21 PM EDT
15 Jul 2013

The Fall of Maoist Revolution

Indian Defence Review. 12:28 PM EDT

Egypt’s Latest Revolution

As the chattering classes scramble to explain Egypt, it’s important to remember that sometimes mass political action comes from a simple but strong sense of injustice and curiosity for change.
3 Jul 2013

Armed Forces Control Egypt

Michael J. Totten's blog Egypt's Mohamed Morsi is now officially overthrown by the military. Adly Mansour, the head of Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court, is the new president. Military commanders say they don't wish to govern, but ...

Egypt is No Place for Women

Michael J. Totten's blog Every woman I know who has visited Egypt was sexually harrassed there over and over again. It’s relentless. It’s extremely aggressive and it never stops. Attractive women can't go outside for even five minutes. And I’ve ...

2 Jul 2013

Bluffing in Cairo?

Michael J. Totten's blog Most of us mortals, when trying to figure out what’s next for Egypt, would be no worse off analyzing goat entrails and tea leaves than reading the news. But take a look at what Egyptian-born scholar Samuel Tadros has to say . ...

1 Jul 2013

EDITORIAL. Egypt's Post-Revolution Revolution

The Guardian. England. 11:46 AM EDT
28 Jun 2013

The Illusion of Cuban Reform: Castro Strikes Out

The “reforms” Raúl Castro announced after taking over from his brother Fidel are as comical as they are tragic—a mixed bag of dumb ideas, self-dealing, and more of the same old repression.

Change by Attrition: The Revolution Dies Hard

As the Castro dynasty grows poorer and more desperate, look for the regime to pretend to reform while retaining its totalitarian grip on the tropical island’s politics and economy.
19 Jun 2013

Syria's Fight to the Death

Michael J. Totten's blog My new essay in the print edition of World Affairs is now available online . “We Arabs,” the late Lebanese historian Kamal Salibi once said to me in Beirut, “are not a warring people. We are a feuding people.” That’s ...

Syria’s Endgame: Prospects Dim, Options Narrow

The revolution to remove Assad has metastasized into a grotesque sectarian war among the Sunni majority, the ruling Alawite minority, and a host of other uncertain players.