In Depth: Terrorism

2 Apr 2015
31 Mar 2015

Boko Haram Kills 7,300 People Since 2014

News 24. South Africa. 10:22 AM EDT
27 Mar 2015

13 Civilians Shot Dead on Afghanistan’s Kabul Highway

Daily Outlook. Afghanistan. 02:24 PM EDT
26 Mar 2015

US Warns of Terror Attack in Uganda

Daily Monitor. Uganda. 11:33 AM EDT
25 Mar 2015
24 Mar 2015

OPINION. Pakistan at a Crossroads

Tariq Mahmud. The Express Tribune. Pakistan. 01:41 PM EDT
20 Mar 2015

Gun Battle at Kashmir Police Station Kills Six

Dawn. Pakistan. 02:16 PM EDT

Two Killed in Pakistan Mosque Attack

Dawn. Pakistan. 02:16 PM EDT
19 Mar 2015
18 Mar 2015

Three Blasts Injure Five in Egypt

Al Bawaba News. Jordan. 12:42 PM EDT
17 Mar 2015

Squaring Cuba's Terror Designation in the Circle of the Law

President Obama won’t be able to mend ties with Cuba until it’s removed from the State Department’s list of terrorism sponsors—a designation that has considerable evidence in its favor.

OPINION. Denial and Cover-Ups in Pakistan

Farheen Rizvi . The Economic Times. India. 02:24 PM EDT
11 Mar 2015

Three Killed in Indian Market Bomb Blast

Hindustan Times. India 02:33 PM EDT
3 Mar 2015

Man on FBI Terror Most-Wanted List Arrested in Somalia

News 24. South Africa. 11:46 AM EST
2 Mar 2015

German Town Bremen Police Downgrade Terror Alert

euronews.France. 10:00 AM EST
27 Feb 2015

Obama's Comprehensive Approach to Counterterrorism

President Obama and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter are right to fight violent extremism with a strategy that combines hard and soft power alike.

Taliban Burn Down Mosque in Ghazni

Pajhwok Afghan News. 02:32 PM EST

Car Bomb Kills Eleven Outside Damascus

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 11:36 AM EST

More than 25,000 Egyptians Flee Libya After Beheading Video

Gulf News. United Arab Emirates. 11:28 AM EST

French Lawmaker: Assad Decries ‘Isolation’ in Face of Extremism

Al Arabiya News. United Arab Emirates. 11:24 AM EST

Three Explosions Rock Cairo

CNN. 11:21 AM EST
25 Feb 2015

Taiwan on Alert After Terror Threat

The China Post. Taiwan. 03:02 PM EST
20 Feb 2015

ISIS ‘Plotting Attacks in Turkey’

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 03:58 PM EST

Car Bomb Kills 43 in Eastern Libyan City

Al Arabiya News. United Arab Emirates. 11:22 AM EST
19 Feb 2015

Tokyo Marathon Under Heavy Security

The Japan News. 01:10 PM EST

ANALYSIS. How is Europe Countering Radical Islam?

Christian Science Monitor. United States. 10:07 AM EST
18 Feb 2015

Afghan Woman Killed in Kandahar Suicide Bombing

Pajhwok Afghan News. 02:41 PM EST

Japan's Hard Power Play

Council on Foreign Relations. United States. 11:51 AM EST