In Depth: Violence

19 Oct 2016

Argentinian Women Set to Protest Escalating Violence Against Them

LatinAmerican Post. Colombia. 12:00 PM EDT
16 Sep 2016

Two Palestinians Shot Dead in West Bank

Ahram Online. English. 04:41 PM EDT
15 Sep 2016

Duterte Accused of Ordering Hits on Opponents while Mayor

The Sydney Morning Herald. Australia. 03:20 PM EDT
9 Sep 2016

India to Deploy Additional Troops in South Kashmir

Hindustan Times. India. 05:36 PM EDT
7 Sep 2016

FEATURE. Cambodia's Anti-Vietnam Obsession

The Diplomat. Japan. 04:45 PM EDT
24 Jun 2015

OPINION. Life on the Run in South Sudan

Daniel Littlejohn-Carillo. Al Jazeera. 10:10 AM EDT
15 Jun 2015
10 Jun 2015

OPINION. Growing Violence in Afghanistan Turned Usual Phenomenon

Asmatyari. The Daily Outlook. Afghanistan. 03:06 PM EDT
5 Jun 2015

Nigerian Street Gang Kills Five Youths

PM News Nigeria. 10:35 AM EDT

OPINION. Helping Burundi Break the Cycle of Violence

Deogratius Niyonkuru. Al Jazeera. 10:29 AM EDT
20 Feb 2015

Somali Officials Killed in Blast by Al-Shabaab Militants

Geeska Afrika Online. Somalia. 10:44 AM EST

Ukraine Marks Anniversary Of Maidan Massacre

Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 09:56 AM EST
13 Feb 2015

Philippine Rebels Promise Help on Militants as Peace Bid Stalls

The Straits Times. Singapore. 01:54 PM EST
6 Feb 2015

4 Killed, 30 Injured in Bangladesh Petrol Bomb Attack

The Daily Star. Bangladesh. 02:38 PM EST
4 Feb 2015

EU: 'Spiral Of Violence' in Ukraine Must Stop, Blames Pro-Russian Rebels

Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 09:55 AM EST
2 Feb 2015

UN Security Council: 'Deep Sympathy and Condolences' for Kenji Goto Murder

United Nations Security Council. PRESS RELEASE. 12:21 PM EST

Several Killed in Somalian Airstrike

News24. South Africa. 10:56 AM EST

Nigerian President Johnathan ‘Narrowly Avoids Deadly Car Bomb’

The Telegraph. United Kingdom. 10:55 AM EST
30 Jan 2015

African Union Condemns Attacks in Sinai, Egypt

African Union. PRESS RELEASE. 12:53 PM EST

Putin's War on Civilians Defines Terrorism

The recent bombings of purely civilian targets in eastern Ukraine are terrorism, pure and simple. The world must condemn the perpetrators, and well as their sponsors in Moscow.
28 Jan 2015

Mexico: Murdered Students Were Mistaken for Rival Gang

Buenos Aires Herald. Argentina. 02:38 PM EST
23 Jan 2015

Ban Ki Moon Condemns DRC Violence, Calls for Dialogue

The New Times. Rwanda. 12:18 PM EST

Mexican Warlock Predicts Bloodiest Elections in History for 2015

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 03:14 PM EST

Sri Lanka Arms Police as Voting Begins

Daily Mirror. Sri Lanka. VIDEO. 02:34 PM EST
2 Jan 2015

New Year Violence Across Colombia Kills 24

The Sun Daily. Malaysia. 03:08 PM EST

New Year Stampede Kills 36 in Shanghai

The China Post. Taiwan. 12:57 PM EST
31 Dec 2014
26 Dec 2014

ANALYSIS. Tunisia Prepares for Libya Spillover

Magharebia. Tunisia. 11:46 AM EST
24 Dec 2014