In Depth: World Bank

3 Apr 2018

World Bank Gives Madagascar $100m for Education

Africa Review. Kenya. 12:02 PM EDT
16 Oct 2017

China Becomes Focus at IMF/WB Annual Meetings

People's Daily. China. 01:58 PM EDT
21 Mar 2017

World Bank President Visiting Rwanda, Tanzania

New Times. Rwanda. 11:31 AM EDT
20 Mar 2017

World Bank Gives $57bn for Development in Africa

Daily Nation. Kenya. 10:37 AM EDT
19 Jan 2017

World Bank to Give Yemen $450m in Aid

Al Bawaba. Jordan. 10:53 AM EST
5 Oct 2016

Reduction in South Asian Poor Thanks to Indian Growth: World Bank

The Wall Street Journal. United States. 10:11 AM EDT
27 Jul 2016
1 Jul 2016

World Bank Gives Ethiopia $100m to Fight Drought

Africa Review. Kenya. 11:24 AM EDT
23 Jun 2016
15 Jun 2016

Zambia Gets Additional 73MW Solar Power with World Bank Support

Africa News. The Republic of the Congo. 11:05 AM EDT
8 Jun 2016

World Bank Cuts 2016 Global Growth Forecast to 2.4 Percent

China Radio International 02:40 PM EDT

Vietnam Seeks More World Bank Funds

Vietnam News 02:34 PM EDT
14 Apr 2015

World Bank Trims 2015 Growth Projection for East Asia

The China Post. Taiwan. 02:27 PM EDT
8 Apr 2015

World Bank Welcomes AIIB

China Daily. 02:41 PM EDT
16 Mar 2015

Venezuela Ordered to Pay $50 Million for Tidewater Expropriation

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 10:07 AM EDT
4 Mar 2015

Burkina Faso Passes Anti-Corruption Law

News24. South Africa. 10:55 AM EST
30 Jan 2015

The Ebola Virus is Mutating, Scientists Warn

Africa Review. Kenya. 10:58 AM EST

OPINION. A World of Diseases Without Borders

Jim Yong Kim. Africa Review. Kenya. 10:57 AM EST
23 Jan 2015

HIV Sweeps Across Eastern Europe Amid Economic Crisis

EUobserver. Belgium. 11:17 AM EST
9 Oct 2013
4 Sep 2013

World Bank to Help Lebanon With Syrian Refugee Request

The National. United Arab Emirates. 09:52 AM EDT
6 Aug 2013
9 May 2013

Brazil’s WTO Win

After a diplomatic offensive, a Brazilian will lead the World Trade Organization owing to China and India's support. Besides Brazil's quest for a seat on the Security Council, what does this mean for the WTO?
18 Apr 2013

World Bank: One Third of the World's Poorest Live in India

New Straits Times. Malaysia. 10:26 AM EDT
22 Jan 2013

China’s Aid to Cambodia Ignores Rights Abuses

When Cambodia applies for Western aid, it gets an earful about the country's human rights violations—which are dire and getting worse. Funding from Beijing carries no such baggage.
14 Dec 2012

Will China Have the World’s Largest Economy by 2030?

A new National Intelligence Council report predicts that China will surpass the US and become the world’s largest economy by 2030. But a closer look at key factors suggests otherwise.
30 Nov 2012

World Bank Chief Praises Chinese Economic Developments

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:18 AM EST
2 Nov 2012

World Bank Approves First Aid to Myanmar in 25 Years

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 11:37 AM EDT
25 Oct 2012

World Bank: Africa Trade Barriers Stoke Food Crises

iAfrica. South Africa. 10:16 AM EDT
18 Oct 2012

China's Self-Defeating Arrogance Toward Japan

China withdraws its emissaries from international meetings in Tokyo as a slight toward Japan—and fails to impress.
4 Oct 2012
19 Sep 2012

World Bank Warns of Deepening Palestinian Economic Crisis

Ma'an News Agency. Palestinian Territories. 10:13 AM EDT
1 Aug 2012

World Bank Pledges $85m to Myanmar in Development Grants

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 01:41 PM EDT
5 Jul 2012

Bangladesh PM Blasts World Bank's Corruption Allegations

The Daily Star. Bangladesh. 02:45 PM EDT
2 Jul 2012

BLOG. Bangladesh, World Bank in Corruption Dispute over Loan

India Real Time/The Wall Street Journal. 03:07 PM EDT
27 Jun 2012

History Resumes: Sectarianism’s Unlearned Lessons

The unintended consequences of the West’s “civilizing missions” to liberate peoples have historically reinforced and inflamed sectarian divides rather than bridged them.