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25 Jul 2018

Covert Russian Mercenaries in Syria Want Kremlin Recognition

The National. United Arab Emirates 12:24 PM EDT

More Than 180 Dead in One of ISIS’s Deadliest Attacks in Syria

The National. United Arab Emirates 12:23 PM EDT

Close Race in Pakistan

New Zealand Herald. New Zealand 12:20 PM EDT

Duterte’s New War on Loitering Hits Philippine Poor

The Bangkok Post. Thailand 12:16 PM EDT

Trump Fires Back at Iran in War of Words over Twitter

The Associated Press. US 11:30 AM EDT

Sharif’s Pakistan Election Influence from Jail

Asia Times. Hong Kong 11:29 AM EDT

Pakistan 2018 Election Overview

The News. Pakistan 11:24 AM EDT

Japan Insists on US Return to TPP Over Bilateral Trade Agreement

The Sydney Morning Herald. Australia 11:20 AM EDT

CIA Expert: South China Sea the ‘Crimea of the East’

The China Post. Taiwan 11:19 AM EDT
20 Jul 2018

What Kind of Power Will Post-Brexit Britain Be

Chatham House. UK 11:21 AM EDT