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12 Mar 2018

Myanmar Militarizing Rohingya Villages

The Daily Star. Bangladesh. 04:23 PM EDT

Rohingya Crisis: Hasina Seeks Singapore's Assistance

The Daily Star. Bangladesh. 04:22 PM EDT

UN Expert Decries Starvation Policy and New Offensives in Myanmar

The Straits Times. Singapore. 04:05 PM EDT

Vietnam’s Aged Communists Ruling on Borrowed Time

Asia Times. Hong Kong. 03:59 PM EDT

ISIS Alive and Well in the Philippines

Asia Times. Hong Kong. 03:54 PM EDT

Bangladeshi Plane Crashes in Nepal, Killing At Least 50

The Bangkok Post. Thailand. 03:52 PM EDT

Koreas Brace for New Era of Detente

The Korea Times. South Korea. 03:50 PM EDT

Moon Steps Up Talks with China, Japan, and Russia

The Korea Times. South Korea. 03:48 PM EDT

Lemoyne: France and Mauritius Set to Sign Three Bilateral Agreements

France Diplomatie. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 03:29 PM EDT

German Troops to Remain in Iraq for Stabilization Effort Post-ISIS

German Federal Government. OFFICIAL STATEMENT 03:21 PM EDT

Amid Rising Nationalism, What is Next for Liberalism?

World Policy Institute. United States. 02:59 PM EDT

Dear Mr. President, Reboot Before It’s Too Late

Council on Foreign Relations. United States. 02:55 PM EDT

The Modest Diplomatic Promise of North Korea's Charm Offensive

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 02:54 PM EDT

EU Extends Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine Crisis

The Moscow Times. 02:30 PM EDT

UK Expected to Impose Sanctions on Russia for Ex-Spy Attack

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 01:25 PM EDT

US Congress Mulls Demands to Relocate Air Base in Qatar

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 09:48 AM EDT
9 Mar 2018

The Girls of Revolution Street: Feminist Discourse on Iranian Social Media

The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies 04:31 PM EST

Too Close for Comfort: European Geostrategy and Transatlantic Alliance

European Council on Foreign Affairs. Multiple. 04:29 PM EST

As the TPP Lives On, the U.S. Abdicates Trade Leadership

Brookings Institution. 04:27 PM EST

Rohingya Refugees: $950m Needed in Next 10 Months

The Daily Star. Bangladesh. 03:58 PM EST

Macron Arrives in India, Greeted by PM Modi

Times of India. 03:48 PM EST

OPINION. A Great Gamble in Punjab.

Dawn. Pakistan. 03:41 PM EST