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21 May 2018

Indonesia Seeks Lethal Revenge Against ISIS

Asia Times. Hong Kong. 02:32 PM EDT

Moon to Help Trump Narrow Opinion Gap with Kim

The Korea Times. South Korea. 02:31 PM EDT

China Lands Bomber on South China Sea Island For the First Time

The Sydney Morning Herald. Australia. 02:26 PM EDT

Nigeria Excludes 41 Items From China Currency Swap Deal

The East African. Kenya. 02:23 PM EDT

Zimbabwe Seeks Re-admission to the Commonwealth

The East African. Kenya. 02:22 PM EDT

Burundians Backs Constitutional Change in Referendum

The East African. Kenya. 02:20 PM EDT

Ten Killed By Suspected Ugandan Rebels in Eastern DRC

News 24. South Africa. 02:20 PM EDT

At Least 18 Dead After Cyclone Hits Horn of Africa

News 24. South Africa. 02:18 PM EDT
17 May 2018

US Imposes Fresh Hezbollah-Related Sanctions

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 05:15 PM EDT

One Dead, 6 Injured in South Iran Violence

Arab Times. Kuwait. 05:12 PM EDT

UN Calls on Iraq to Probe Election Complaints

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 05:06 PM EDT

Saudi FM: US Embassy Move to Jerusalem is Against International Laws

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 05:05 PM EDT

Serbia’s PM to Act as Finance Minister Until New One Appointed

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 04:55 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Six Stumbling Blocks in German-Russian Relations

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 04:51 PM EDT

'Connectivity' Trumps Enlargement at Balkans Summit

EU Observer. Belgium. 04:41 PM EDT

Concern in Pakistan Over Flood of Chinese Investment

Asia Times. Hong Kong. 03:45 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Indonesia is Islamic State’s New Frontline

Asia Times. Hong Kong. 03:44 PM EDT

OPINION. Peace is War in Myanmar

Asia Times. Hong Kong. 03:42 PM EDT

Seoul to Disclose Foreign Exchange Market Interventions

The Korea Times. South Korea. 03:41 PM EDT

Pakistan Army Kills Senior Militant Wanted for Targeting Shiites

South China Morning Post. Hong Kong. 03:37 PM EDT

Mahathir to Respect All Agreements on Malaysia's Chinese Projects

South China Morning Post. Hong Kong. 03:34 PM EDT

Trump to Meet Chinese Vice-Premier Ahead of Trade Talks

South China Morning Post. Hong Kong. 03:32 PM EDT

Military Intervention in Rio de Janeiro Enters New Phase

The Rio Times. Brazil. 02:07 PM EDT

Colombia Suspends Extradition of FARC Leader

Colombia Reports. 02:05 PM EDT

Egypt's President Hails 'Breakthrough' in Nile Dam Talks

News 24. South Africa. 01:45 PM EDT

Burundi Votes on Extending President's Power Until 2034

News 24. South Africa. 01:44 PM EDT
15 May 2018

Hezbollah Wins in Lebanon – Sort Of

Michael J. Totten's blog While the world has spent the past week rejoicing or fretting over the Trump administration’s scrapping of the Iranian nuclear deal, Iran quietly racked up a win that hardly anyone outside the region even noticed. In Lebanon, ...