Mrs. Assad Duped Her

Last year Vogue published an article about Asma al-Assad, the wife of the tyrant of Syria, called “A Rose in the Desert.” It was written by Joan Juliet Buck and was quite possibly the worst piece of journalism I’ve ever read. The piece is so horrendous that Vogue actually scrubbed it from the Web site.

If you missed it or want to re-read it, however, you can still find it at www.presidentassad.net.

God help me if I ever willingly make myself such a tool. Assad has hit the trifecta—he’s a totalitarian dictator, a state-sponsor of terrorism, and a war criminal. He wasn’t yet a war criminal when Buck wrote her piece, but he was a totalitarian dictator and a state sponsor of the who’s-who of radical Islamist terrorist organizations. Everyone knew this. Everyone. The woman had no excuse.  

She just wrote a longer piece for The Daily Beast called “Mrs. Assad Duped Me.” I’ll draw your attention to this one without further comment.

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