The Transatlantic Renewal Roundtable Series

TRP’s Transatlantic Renewal Roundtable Series was launched in 2014 and is designed to renew and reinvigorate communication and cooperation among American and European (particularly from Central and Eastern Europe) policy and opinion counterparts working in foreign, defense, energy, political, information, immigration/minorities, economy/finance, anti-corruption, and other fields relevant to the challenges represented by the Kremlin’s engagement in the region.

TRP Roundtables have convened in Prague in June '14; Tallinn in October '14, co-hosted by the office of President Ilves; in Warsaw in January '15, co-hosted by the European Academy of Diplomacy; in Budapest in July '15, co-hosted by the Common Sense Society; in Vilnius in November '15, co-hosted by the Eastern Europe Studies Centre; in Riga in October ’16, co-hosted at the Latvian Transatlantic Organization; and in Kiev in February 2017, co-hosted by Hromadske TV